Becoming a Cyborg should be taken gently — Of Modern Bio-Paleo-Machines

by Tyger A.C. on April 27, 2012

The paleo-machinic world is in its experimentation stage, probing its boundaries, surveying the landscape of the infoverse, mapping the hyperconnected situation, charting a trajectory for its own evolution, all this unconsciously.

We, the biological part of the machine, are providing the tools for its uplift — we embed cameras everywhere so it can see, we implant sensors all over the planet so it may feel, but above all we nudge and we push toward a greater connectivity, all this unaware. Together we form a weird cohabitation of biomechanical, electro-organic, planetary OS that is changing its environment, neither human nor machinic, but a combined interactive intelligence that journeys on, oblivious to its past, blind to its future, irreverent to the moment of its conception, already lost to its parenthood agreement.

And yet, it evolves.

Unconscious on the machine part, unaware on the biological part, the almost sentient operating system of the global planetary infosphere is emerging, wild eyed; complex in its arrangement of co-existence, it reaches to comprehend its unexpected growth.

The quid pro quo: we give the machines the platform to evolve; the machines in turn give us advantages of fitness and manipulation. We give the machines a space to turn our dreams into reality; the machines in turn serve our needs and acquire sapience in the process. In this hypercomplex state of affairs, there is no judgment and no inherent morality; there is motion: inevitable, inexorable, inescapable, and mesmerizing.

The embodiment is cybernetic, though there be no pilot. Cyborgian and enhanced we play the game, not of thrones but of the commons. Connected and networked, the machines follow in our footsteps, catalyzing our universality, providing for us in turn a meaning we cannot yet understand or realize.

The hybridization process is in full swing, reaching to cohere tribes of machines with tribes of humans, each providing for the other a non-designed direction for which neither has a plan, or projected outcome; both mingling and weaving a reality for which there is no ontos, expecting no Telos.

Imagine a planetary-conscious aware hypercomplex global sapiency made of man and machine, able to undo its bloody past and surge unhindered into the universe as a force of allowance for sentiency.

The full version of this mini essay can be found here

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