Layar + “Er is post!” = Interactive Print, if you’re Dutch.

by Tyger A.C. on April 1, 2012

Forget QR codes, it never worked, and as we wait for the next AR Google goggles that we hope will deliver as promised, Layar takes the initiative.

Touting its new exposure campaign as “interactive print” Layar claims it can not only enhance the pages of the paper magazine but also reveal layers of information hidden from sight.

“Er is post!” is a quarterly magazine from the Dutch national postal service PostNL that is delivered to every household in The Netherlands – over 6 million homes in total. In the latest issue, the pages have been enhanced with Layar, allowing every home in Holland to interact with print media in a whole new way.

Watch the video and judge for yourself

According to Layar: ” After installing the Layar app, readers can interact with pages in the magazine marked with the Layar logo. By viewing these pages through the Layar app, digital buttons will automatically appear with links to websites, Facebook likes, YouTube videos, app downloads and other actions.”

I am far from certain this kind of enhancement of print, (calling it augmented is a bit of a stretch) is the future of AR.

Having said that, the fact that AR has been presented to non-techies and 6 million at that, in one fell swoop is probably good.

The way I see it, is that PostNL has managed to create a bridge of sorts, between traditional media and online resources.

Not sure how many readers will appreciate the fact that they need a smartphone whilst reading a paper magazine, but the prospects are interesting.


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