21st Century Acamedia, Come Join Us!

by joey on September 20, 2012

The academic of the 21st century is arriving and setting up camp. Their understanding of analytics, cultural and social consumption both in the meat and jacked in has a fluidity that supersedes what was previously thought of as crude to the progression of western European academic narrative…

Augmented Reality

A new narrative has begun. Academia has consumed itself to a point of becoming a co-modification no longer holding the traditional intrinsic capitalistic value once used as a lure.

Academia has been forced to become more. More then a place to exchanged knowledge. More then a place for research. More then a need for institutional affirmation.

Academics of the 21st century currently come from a training of the 20th but with an outlook that sees beyond the book, linearity, the need for closure.

The capture of our narratives are intrinsically being replicated and distributed throughout the Network.

What is so exciting about the 21st Academic is a new journey to redefine education, learning, community and participatory spaces.

Whether it is learning to hug again, love again, program embedded devices, work in the clouds, embed yourself in a culture, society, an augmented reality has commenced to a point of reality.

These types of cybernetic work represent a transgression from the meat to being jacked in that has served as a model for the understanding of the new Academic.

Are you a new Academic? Do you see a new Academia evolving in the 21st Century?

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